About Aspen Real Life

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Blogger, Wife, Mom, Crazy

Blogger, Wife, Mom, Crazy

Aspen Real Life tells the story of raising three boys in the resort town of Aspen, Colorado and the pleasures and downfalls of living in a famous ski town filled with glitz, glamour and real down to earth people.

This is a place where myths get debunked and reality sets in, where cowboys share their drunken poetry and heroes flutter in from nowhere. Where on any given day you might find a slightly disheveled “ski bum” wearing all of his belongings wrapped up in a deep conversation with a glamorous fashionista about meditation or couch surfing or where a conversation with an older toothless woman with fiery red hair in a dentist office changes your perspective on marriage, life and spirituality. This is a place where preconceived notions get torn to shreds and life shows that it is not all that it appears to be.

Since 2009 the blog has taken our devoted readers through violent dips, sharp hair-raising turns, rises onto high peaks and deep plunges into icy crevasses. Readers have watched the story unfold as our boys have grown from snails and puppy dog tails to gangly teens growing like the weed off-gassing from the growing houses lining the highway.

If you’re ready for real, here you go. Be prepared for parenting tips, Colorado restaurant and hotel reviews, family travel and activity ideas as well as interviews with inspiring locals.

Be present as the book is being written and the story is told on staying positive and humorous in challenging circumstances and be introduced to the inspirational and spiritual people we meet along the way who blow us out of the water with their expertise and wisdom.

Read the stories, watch the interviews and comment. As an extremely outgoing person and social media expert, I’m probably more interested in you than you me.

Oh and things have changed quite a bit from 2009 so you may want to start from the beginning.

What? You have no time for this you say? Visit our Facebook page and get the quick fix: http://facebook.com/aspenreallife


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