About Aspen Real Life

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About Aspen Real Life
About Aspen Real Life Author w: hubby

Welcome to Aspen Real Life, an “Aspen reality blog” filled with encouraging and inspirational stories about life lived in Aspen, Colorado and throughout Colorado.

These stories will help you to find the best of Aspen and the surrounding areas. Stories that will elevate and empower you to live life to the fullest.

Born in 2009, Aspen Real Life has always been about telling the stories of travel and parenting three young boys with my true love, “Baddy“, a tall, dark, funny, handsome badass of a father.


Our boys: Thumper, Feisty-One and Hootie-Hoo, are now (almost) all in their teens and are just like they were when I started the blog, only more hard core – taking risks at every corner and thus driving me towards meditation, and Baddy towards medication, or beer.

For me, traveling has always been about getting in deep with the people and the cultures we come across and share their charm and magnificence. It is not only the beautiful nature that surrounds us that makes Colorado a dream world to live in but it is also the people who migrate here that add the spice and entertainment to resort town living.

Have fun reading about all that makes small town living so incredible and be sure to check out the links to the outstanding local entrepreneurs that we find along the way.

So come on in and get to know us over here at Aspen Real Life, a place where opportunity knocks in every gondola ride and preconceived notions get tossed out the window as reality sets in, revealing not only the glitz and glamor of our beautiful mountain resort town but also the people who weave together the fabric of our valley.

Meet a fiery toothless woman who may change your perspective on marriage, life and spirituality, and cowboys who whisper sweet words of love drunk poetry, and meet the heroes who flutter in from nowhere to save this author…me…Jillian, a delusional, positive, slightly crazy and dyslexic mother who mixes up all cliche expressions and is constantly lost.

Let’s continue the adventure together as we review the best of Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley, and beyond. Watch the “on the fly” interviews and read the stories of others who have made the decision to live as hard and positively as they possibly can.

Be sure to share and comment, as I thrive on getting to know you, my readers and the more you like, comment and share my posts, the closer I will get to writing that book about life, love, and the notion that if you persevere with your passion doors will open and you might just find yourself exactly where you have always dreamed you could be.

With Great Affection,

Jillian Livingston

Mommy Blogger/Freelance Travel Writer/Content Creator/Digital Marketer


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Happily Ever After

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