Feeling the Love

There is this little town in Italy where the people live long healthy lives. They also drink red wine and eat delicious Italian home-made food. So what makes them so healthy? The answer lies in the closely knit community that they live in!

Today I woke up to drawings from my children, a new pair of pajamas and cards that filled me with love, and laughter. As I opened everything up, my soft, cuddly family draped around me in bed, I could hear that emails were pouring in on my computer.

Facebook Birthday Wishes:

I waited until I got the kids out the door to check in and when I clicked on my Facebook Page I saw birthday wishes from all over the world growing on the page like a beautiful garden of  roses, wisteria and peonies. My community is now global thanks to Facebook and I am moved to tears, once again, and I thank you for caring and being there and please know that I’m feeling the love and throwing it back to you all in a huge wave of big, moist, juicy, soft kisses!!

Card From Boys

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4 Responsesto “Feeling the Love”

  1. I’ve been traveling and missed your b-day. I wish you many more, Jilly, with your beautiful family.
    Darrelyn Saloom´s last blog post ..In Memory of Bawk-Bawk

  2. kathy stover says:

    That is beautiful! Wishing you a continuum of love throughout the year!

  3. Barbara Livingston says:

    Those are the sweetest birthday wishes a mother could receive. Soak up the love!

  4. Deeds says:

    You are such a gift, bringing JOY, HAPPINESS and LAUGHTER
    to all of our lives.

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