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recent from Family Travel Summer Camps in Aspen

If you are looking for things to do with your kids during the summer, here is an amazing camp. Have your own vacation while your children play hard and learn about our mountains.

recent from Silly Jilly Poetry Slurred

Basalt may be sleepy but if you catch it on the right night you may find yourself listening to poetry quoted to you by a drunk cowboy.

recent from Mountain Biking Favorite Aspen Mountain Biking Trail

For all of you celebrating your anniversaries this month, may your love be adorned in gold!~

recent from Summers in Nantucket Island Living

Another vacation spent with Grandma on the island of Nantucket, Mass has given me a chance to unwind and recharge. But I’m not ready to come home.

Can’t I????

 Powered by Max Banner Ads  I’m pretty sure that a few summers ago, wanting our then 13 year old to experience the deliciousness of no plans or schedules after all the stresses that school brings, we decided to allow him to truly enjoy long languid days spent hanging with friends, tubing down the gentle Northstar Preserve, hanging in town to watch the...


 Powered by Max Banner Ads  Have you heard? WTF Parenting is the new term for parenting on the fly. Do you fit into that term? I mean, let’s face it, as beautiful and rewarding as it can be to be a parent, it can also bite so hard that it wakes you up at 3am in a cold sweat from the filtered realizations revealing truths marred by naivety while in a...

Going Cuckoo

Learning how to parent your child with greater ease based on ancient philosophy.


Since it has taken me fifteen years to get to where I am today with my three boys, I thought I might offer you short cuts to save you the time and energy.

Starry-Eyed in Aspen

Raising a teen in the legalized marijuana state of Colorado isn’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it!

My Man!

“When I think about the things that we’ve been through, I know just one thing is true, life is better with you!”. Happy 15th Anniversary to my hubbie.

USA Pro Challenge

See these great photos taken by Michele Cardamone of the USA Pro Challenge Stage 1 in Aspen, Colorado